Monday, April 24, 2006

Searching a site

I thought the brainiacs here might know the answer to this question. I am designing a website that needs a search page. In the past, I've relied on the services of you design a template to match your site, and upload it to their site. Using that template, results come up via their site, but look as though it's your own.

To see an example:

But now Atomz has merged with someone else, and it doesn't seem to be free anymore.

Is there a way to put a Google button on the website, such as the one that's on my blog? (I tried putting the code from my blog onto the site, modifying it, of course, and that didn't work.)

Any other ideas?

Thanks so much.

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Tana Butler said...

Well, someone pointed me in the right direction, so I'll share it here: